Released on steam, play with play Weed new Seal Universe

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Police Officer Plays As A Cop in Grand Theft Auto V • Professionals Play The Play Side has signed a contract for the new Seal Universe in Development Games on the 18th. The Play Side has secured the global service proof of the Seal Universe with this publishing agreement. In the meantime, the Seal Universe, which was developing as project S2, is a casual game that utilizes play Weed Games IP Seals, and all characters appear in the seal. Supports PC and mobile. The PC version is also available for steam. The Seal Universe, said, The Seal Universe will be presented as another game of a new style that melted the know-how for all the characters related to the seal, and will do our best to show up a more fun game. Meanwhile, the Play Sad has released the Seal M to release the Gig 2021 B2B booth next year.


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