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Dofus: The ultimate battle, shower of gifts and PVP event

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For the end of the year 2021, Ankara puts forward its redesign of cities Bonita and Grammar via an event between Streamer on Twitch. In addition to the competition, players will also be able to recover rewards for the first time on Doffs via drops.

DOFFS: The ultimate battle, a stream concert for a war of cities

The Doffs 2.62 update will arrive on December 7th. In broad lines, it brings a massive redesign of Bonita and Grammar, major MMO pillars. In order to promote this exit, Ankara bet very big with a competition event between Streamers: the ultimate battle. In collaboration with in particular SMI (MTA) and (Lat ream), two teams of 10 will compete in the colors of the cities. If the distribution is not yet known, the list of participants is.

In addition to the usual doffs world, Ankara sought to reach other communities with a very complete set of partners. But what is the battle in itself?

The event

It will be necessary to make you Saturday, December 18, 2021 on the Le stream chain (global view) or participant you want to follow. Several proofs offered by MTA will follow one another, asking teams to defend the cities facing groups of monsters created for the occasion, harvest the most resources or face the opponents frontally.

How ​​to participate ?

It will not be possible to participate directly alongside players. Nevertheless, you can follow the different lives to retrieve Twitch Drops, a first for Ankara. This feature could also arrive for other business games according to Alvin, which is responsible for the relationship between Ankara and the creators of content. The event will also relay via hashtags ultimebataille Cite Blanche & cities.

The ultimate battle thus illustrates as the bass communication of Ankara at the end of the year. If the event is well-thought-out, it is clear that the whole is part of a campaign. It is good to remember that despite the rewards available for players, these are not the first target. This is an important point to take full advantage of what will be proposed on Saturday, December 18th.


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