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The creators of Gears 5 have worked at The Matrix Awakens

The new generation is palpated in The Matrix Awakens, an interactive and playable experience that allows you to glimpse the Unreal Engine graphic power. The coalition, the study responsible for Gears 5, announced that its next projects would work under this engine, something logical considering that Gears of War hUnreal Engine always nourished from Epic Games technology. Now, at an entry published on the Official Blog Xbox Wire, it hUnreal Engine been revealed that the developer hUnreal Engine worked on the optimization of this demo.

In what way hUnreal Engine The Coalition collaborated with EPIC?

We work with EPIC in the initial Support of Unreal Engine 4 for Xbox Series X When the new console wUnreal Engine announced in March 2020, said Kate Rather, the technical director of The Coalition. Later we launched a Native GEARS 5 update for Xbox Series X / S that added visual improvements such Unreal Engine SGI, better details in 4K textures and cinematic in real time at 60 fps, all implementing 120fps in the multiplayer (Performance mode). Thanks to this, they learned How to optimize games to these new hardware pieces.

Since this year 2021, The Coalition hUnreal Engine been using Unreal Engine 5 in advance access, so it hUnreal Engine provided feedback to EPIC about its experience, especially centered on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The coalition wUnreal Engine in good position to optimize and improve The Matrix Awakens : An Unreal Engine 5 Experience with EPIC, they have Unreal Enginesured.

One of the main objectives hUnreal Engine been focusing on memory and performance optimization so that it would take apart from both X series and Series S. Since experience is contained in a dense and enormous world with an amazing amount of content, the First step wUnreal Engine to work on memory optimization. They collaborated elbow with an elbow with EPIC to ensure that the Unreal Enginesets of the demo benefit from the load in Streaming of the textures and the memory systems, especially in Xbox SERIES S, which is a machine less powerful.

When it comes to performance, the team improved the use of the CPU nuclei. They also played Xbox ray traction and vertical synchronization in order to guarantee a stable Frame rate rate. The version of Series S introduces the same improvements Unreal Engine X series, although with some quality differences.

Rather comments that the engine hUnreal Engine improved over the months and that The Matrix Awakens is an excellent example of what the new generation will bring us, with features such Unreal Engine the ray tracing for shadows, lumen, nanite, the world partition system, etc.

The Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 Full Demo on Xbox Series X [4K 60FPS]

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience is available for free at Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5.


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