YouTube on the PS5 now with HDR

The Best PS5 Video Settings | Common PS5 problems you need to fix Who uses the YouTube app on its PS5 console, had to get along without HDR so far. HDR stands for H IGH D Dynamic R ( Picture with high dynamic circumference ) and means nothing more than a higher contrast and more colors with finer gradations. The color gradients such as a dinner sky are thus more uniform.

YouTube app on the PlayStation 5

Great news for fans of the good picture: FORTRAN supports the YouTube app for the PS5 HDR. What does that mean? YouTube's videos stream PS5 owners in the future with 4K / HDR — if their technology (TV device, DSL line et cetera) and the selected clips are created. By the way, HDR activates on the PS5 via E settings, patch and video, Video output, HDR. You have not yet set up the YouTube app on your console? This is quite simple: Choose on the game home screen median, all apps and finally YouTube. If you have not installed the app yet, select HERUNCHLADEN. To log in to YouTube, open the application and click nelmelden. Then log in with your Google Account that you use on other devices for YouTube — if you do this.

YouTube videos in 4K

To view YouTube videos about the PS5 in 4K, some prerequisites must be met: You need an ultra HD or 4K playback device as well as a stable Internet connection with at least 25 megabits per second (Mbps). As soon as you have selected a 4K video, the contents will automatically appear in the resolution according to Sony. However, if you want to make sure you look at the YouTube app under This settings, VideoInformation display and Activated.


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