Professional footballer with 14: Axel Kei breaks us

The 14-year-old football talent Axel Key has received a professional contract as the most recent team athletes of US history.

The Americans born in the Ivory Coast signed at Real Salt Lake from the Major League Soccer (MLS) for two years. At the age of 14 and 15 days, Key subdued the previous record of Freddy Add by 153 days. Au had also hired in January 2004 in the MLS at DC United.

Axel has proven that he is one of the largest storm talents in the country, said General Manager Elliot Case: In front of the gate he acts expressed for his old age. Together with his athletic, he promises a Tolerant in the coming years to become in our league.

Axel Key grew up in Brazil, where his father played professional football. In 2017, he was pulled at the age of nine years with his family to San Diego. Last October he had debuted at the age of 13 at Real Monarchs, the youngest team of the MLS club, and became the latest player in the history of professional team team athletess in the USA.


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