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Ski jumping - Quadruple Tournament: Qualification in Innsbruck now in the Liveticker

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For tomorrow's jumping in Innsbruck, the qualification is first denied today. Here you can pursue the quasi in the live ticker.

Ski jumping — Quadruple Tournament, Qualification: The final score in Innsbruck

Place | Name | Wide | Points - 1. | You Kobayashi | 126,5 | 132.7 2. | Jan Horn | 129,0 | 131.3 3rd | Lilian Hair | 127,5 | 127.8 4. | Daniel Huber | 128.0 | 123.0 5. | Love KOS | 130,0 | 122.2 6. | Severin friend | 126.0 | 120.9 7. | Yakima NATO | 122,5 | 118.0 8. | Markus Eisenbichler | 119,0 | 117.9 9 . | Andes Anise | 118,5 | 116.8 10. | Karl Geiger | 119.5 | 116.6

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Ski jumping — Quadruple Tournament: Qualification in Innsbruck today in the live ticker

Ski jumping — Quadruple Tournament: Qualification in Innsbruck today in Live ticker — End Qualification

You Kobayashi (JPN): Now only You Kobayashi is standing above. The Japanese is almost windless. But he is currently in captive form and can handle all conditions. So here too. Kobayashi jumps to 126.5 meters and snaps Jan Horn the quali-victory even before the nose.

Karl Geiger (GER): Karl Geiger has no luck with the wind again and gets over 9 plus points for gate and tailwind. The great jump then stays out and powered at 119.5 meters. He is currently back and behind friend and railway.

Favor Tegnér Garnered (NOR): Favor Tegnér Garnered now caught side wind. He does not have the shape in which he does not mind. At 116 meters, he will have to intervene tomorrow morning in the competition.

Marius India (NOR): The Norwegian Marius India is currently the first pursuer of You Kobayashi in the tour rating. Despite tailwind, a solid jump succeeds to 117.5 meters. But he is not completely satisfied.

Markus Eisenbichler (GER): Markus Eisenbichler may be the next from the bar. He's a little late, losing a few meters and has to land at 119 meters. This is not enough to repeat the qualification victory from Garmisch-Gutkirchen.

ANNE ANISE (SLO): Points Anise currently fights something with his shape. 118.5 meters rang through the start-up reduction and the light tailwind but currently for seat.

Stefan Kraft (AUT): Stefan Kraft wants to go away his bad performance from Garmisch-Gutkirchen again. In training, it looked good, but now strength widens a worse jump again. 114 meters are only enough for 36 space, which is still enough for the qualification.

Killian Hair (Sui): Killian Hair wants to confirm his good performance from the training. He hits the edge and jumps to 127.5 meters. For stops around 18.5, he is just behind Horn in second place.

Jan Horn (AUT): Jan Horn can exploit the upright really well and flies despite start-up reduction to 129 meters. With the width he is the new leader.

Robert Johansson (NOR): Robert Johansson is left by the beam from the Startle Eleven. Thus, he gets a bonus of 4.1 points for the start-up reduction. At 122 meters, it ranks in the front field.

Time AJC (SLO): Time AJC has to open the leap in the lower third, so that he can control the landing. He comes to 125.5 meters and annoys something about the awarded meters.

Kamil Stock (pol): Kamil Stock now has good conditions. Can this help him? No! He just manages to 114 meters and excreted it.

Daniel Huber (AUT): Daniel Huber can almost compete. He pulls his jump to 128 meters and even sits to the top. He professionals better attitude notes compared to KOS.

Love KOS (SLO): What can the new Slovenian flyer Love KOS show? He benefits from a new bond and flies to 130 meters. He is currently third in the tour rating and underlines his good performance.

Stephan Late: Stephan Late does not find the right timing at the shank table. He also relies on his ski at 119 meters to land and join in front of Schmidt.

Constantin Schmidt (Ger): Constantin Schmidt would now catch up really up if you leave it from the beam. However, the page is too strong and Schmidt has to wait. At the second attempt he may run, but he can not use the good wind. At 119 meters he is qualified as a twelfth.

Pius Paste (GER): Pius Paste opens the German Trio. He is very slow in the track. Actually, he has good wind and gets many minus points. He can not use this at all. With 117.5 meters Pancake must necessarily leave a score behind.

Naomi Nakamura (JPN): Naomi Nakamura is satisfied and clenches the fist. At 123 meters he is sure tomorrow and will also get a feasible K.o opponent with place.

Yakima NATO (JPN): Yakima NATO shows a liquid leap. He is well in the air and sets a wide range of 122.5 meters in the snow. He remains 2.9 points behind friend.

Johann Andre forest (NOR): It follows his compatriot Johann Andre forest. He is far too late at the jump and must say goodbye to the competition with 106.5 points. Since the pluses for the wind do not help him anymore.

Daniel-Andre Tandem (NOR): How far is it for Daniel-Andre Tandem? 119 meters are not to be despised after his bad training leap. He slides on the fourth place.

Manuel Fetter (AUT): Manuel Fetter comes up with the conditions well and draws his flight to 121 meters. This is new thirds in the intermediate rating.

Evenly Asimov (US): Evenly Asimov jumps first near Severin friend. He comes to 122 meters, but can not displace the German from the top.

Junior Kobayashi (JPN): Junior Kobayashi, the older of the two brothers, shows a solid spring. At 119 meters, he sets up in front of Lacked in fourth place. Friend is still leading.

Andreas Welling er: Andreas Welling er shows his own leap here. 114 meters and again worse wind from behind, however, are sufficient to be with them tomorrow.

Piotr Zola (POL): Piotr Zola shows an impressive second workout. Can he build on it? Rather not. For tailwind, he flies only 117 meters. By a plus in the wind, however, the width can be loose for the first passage.

Peter Press (SLO): Peter Press remains behind the two Austrians. He lands at 116 meters and does not put the landing perfectly. But he creates it on the last qualification place.

Daniel Tschofenig (AUT): Daniel Tschofenig makes almost a point landing like Buchenwald. It continues half a meter.

Philipp Buchenwald (AUT): Philipp Buchenwald is even too early on the jump and can only come to 118 meters. But everything half so wild, because the qualification is still.

Daniel Saddened (US): The Russian Daniel Saddened shows a good qualification leap. 119.5 meters, he brings on the slope and may still be a drainage tomorrow.

Gregor Deschwanden (SUI): Gregor Descend annoys. He had upwind in the first airline and can not use it. He is too steep in the air and loses important meters. 118.5 meters rang him for tomorrow's competition.

Simon Amman (SUI): Simon Amman is beautifully located in the air and does not move at all. This is rewarded at 120 meters, but he leaves the telemark away. But he does not necessarily need him as the width for the top 50 is sufficient.

Died Ito (JPN): Died Ito jumps with his experience at 118 meters and shows that there is something else. As an eleventh we will definitely see him again tomorrow.

Roman Sergeevich Trophies (US): Roman-Sergeevich Trophies has to wait for a long time on the beam, but then drained. With 110.5 meters, it will be scarce and Trophies must first tremble.

David Back (pole): David Back can jump in Innsbruck from his crisis? Not really! The pole comes to 115 meters, which can be enough for a competition, but far behind his personal claims are back.

Fredrik Willemstad (NOR): Fredrik Willemstad completely misses the jump. He annoys immediately after landing, because he only jumps to 104.5 meters. He is not a bit surprising tomorrow.

Nike Kytösaho (FIN): Nike Kytösaho comes to 118 meters. The jump now was not as good as his work leap, but it's enough for him.

JAKUB WOL NY (POL): JAKUB WOL NY gets attitude notes around the 17.5. This gives its width of 119 meters for the competition. It is really far right now but not.

RTTI Aggro (EST): RTTI Aggro shows his best jump at the tour. He lands at 120 meters and may look forward to the direct qualification.

PANEL WA SEK (POL): PANEL WA SEK COMES A SOMETHING BETTER and pulls his sentence at 118 meters. He can exploit the light up and gratefully takes the qualification.

Each NATO (JPN): Each NATO does not make it much better and comes only one meter than Lazaro. For stops around 16.5, only the 21st place jumps out for him.

Mikhail Lazaro (US): The Russian Mikhail Lazaro is too late at the hack stay. There are only 110 meters for him, and he is annoyed in the outlet. That will probably not be enough.

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes (CAN): Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes not catch his best jump. He starts with 114 meters to land. This not immediately file for jumping. The Canadians will have to tremble a little.

Vladimir Zografski (BUL): Vladimir Zografski creates a distance of 117.5 meters. This is enough to qualify for the competition.

Severin Freud (GER): As far as it goes for Severin Freud? He hits the take-off and sits 126 meters set a new record in qualifying. He is certainly in the first round with it.

Faith Area Ipcioglu (OUR): Faith Area Ipcioglu flies extremely after the jump far to the right. But he comes to flying and is quite happy with 119 meters. A knight he has to leave behind for the first round.

Andrew Steal (POL): Andrew Steal can now qualify directly. If he succeeds? Yes! With 122.5 meters, it sits at the top. Besides the Frenchman Joubert has just been disqualified.

Giovanni Bresadola (ITA): Giovanni Bresadola is the third jumper who has managed to qualify for tomorrow. With 121.5 meters, it is a third party and can look forward to tomorrow's jumping.

Riga Velar (SLO): The Slovene Riga Velar has now again better wind. The upswing has arrived and Riga Velar can not exploit enough this. Although 116.5 meters is a solid performance, but would have been possible.

Sergey Lukashenko (KAZ): Sergey Lukashenko quickly falls down the slope. With 105.5 meters not many goes for the Kazakhs.

Joachim Regard Boring (NOR): Joachim Regard Boring is the seventh man in the Norwegian team. He gets it now, as he previously tested positive corona. But with 115 meters, it is a good size for the current conditions.

Muhammed Iran Cinema (OUR): Muhammed Iran Cinema is the weaker of the two Turkish ski jumpers. 105.5 meters currently enough for 15th place He will probably not reach the first round.

Ryoyu Kobayashi 126,5m WINNER (Q) - Innsbruck 2022 Ski Jumping Viktor Place (CUE): The wind has now turned slightly again and something comes from behind. Viktor Place makes creating extremely, and he only comes to 100 meters. He gets 6.5 Plus points for the wind.

Heung-Chul Choir (KOR): Heung-Chul Choir caught a bad day. It fits not together. With 91 meters now he is at the bottom of the qualification.

Daniel-Andrei Carina (YOU): Daniel-Andrei Carina can not cope and missed it so much-needed air cushion. With 104 meters he passed from Innsbruck and is only allowed to watch tomorrow.

Ilya Markov (US): For Ilya Markov could, however rich it. The Russian comes to 118 meters and continues in the intermediate ranking for the time being to fourth place.

Even Martial (UKR): Even Martial is not much better deal than Joubert. He is extremely slow in the run-up track and makes it still the best. 107 meters not take him to the competition.

Valentin Joubert (FRA): Valentin Joubert can also put an exclamation point. 93 meters are far from satisfactory. Thus, the young Frenchman last.

Anti Alto (FIN): Anti Alto is a bit too late on the jump. Although he is quiet in the air, but must land at 108 meters and falls short of all Austrians.

Vitaliy Kalinichenko (UKR): Vitaliy Kalinichenko has to work a lot in the air and correct immediately after take-off. He puts the skis at 106 meters into the hillside and must likely to be adopted by the competition.

Roman Cordelia (CUE): Roman Cordelia uses the good wind, however, and may contact 121.5 meters short of the top. That might be enough for him.

Sabirzhan Minor (KAZ): Sabirzhan Minor lands only at 107 meters, and thus joins in the rear third one.

Oak cheat (SLO): Oak cheat replaced Scene Press that is left for personal reasons. The Slovene is very wrong in the air, but still gets everything out of his sentence. The jump goes to 118 meters shows his talent.

Ulrich Wohlgenannt (AUT): Ulrich Wohlgenannt is good in the air, but can not find a cushion. In keeping notes about the 5/16 the length of 109.5 meters, not him enough. He lags behind the national group.

Daniel Vasily (KAZ): Daniel Vasily just manages to 104.5 meters and thus has no chances of whacked Jump on tomorrow.

Kevin Buckner (USA): Kevin Buckner not come here to quit flying and will have to jump at 106 meters. So he can bury his dream of World Cup competition already.

Kevin Maltese (EST): Kevin Maltese is now the first ski jumper who can shake up the Austrians. Almost silent wind it jumps to 118 meters and takes its place behind Lacked in second place.

Casey Larson (USA): Casey Larson is quite upright in the air, thereby losing precious distance. At a length of 110.5 deadline is already for him.

Andrei DeLorean (YOU): Andrei DeLorean can this jump immediately forgotten. At 97.5 meters final for him. So that it can be adopted by jumping.

Get Nousiainen (FIN): Get Nousiainen lands at 110 meters. He remains behind the national group currently bored yet closed at the top.

Alex Inseam (ITA): For Alex Inseam it will not be enough. The wind conditions are a little better now, but the Italian can not exploit this. With 109 meters he goes under.

Filip Sahara (CUE): Filip Sahara's out of the deal. He did not hit the jump and start must at 103.5 meters for landing. That will not be enough for getting ahead.

Thomas Lacked (AUT): Thomas Lacked now sets the first exclamation point. With 121 meters confirming the good performance in training and takes the lead. The width could potentially rich for the competition.

Stefan Trainer (AUT): Stefan Trainer jumps symmetrically from the take-off away and creates 115.5 meters. He sits down narrowly firmly in second place.

Maximilian Other (AUT): Maximilian Other comes with better wind conditions only 112.5 meters and thus far is at the bottom of the national group.

Clemens Signer (AUT): Clemens Signer has more withdrawn a bit of luck with the wind and even gets two points. At a length of 116.5 meters, it is for the time being to the top.

Elias Moved (AUT): The 19-year-old Elias Moved lags behind the width of Haycock. In some tailwind him succeed only 110 meters.

Michael Haycock (AUT): We start the experienced Michael Haycock. He had a herniated disc in October and is now struggling so slowly back to the competition scene. The startup was added directly to the hatch 12 up and Haycock recognized at 113 meters the first width in the slope.

Ski Jumping — Four Hills Tournament: Qualification in Innsbruck today in Live Scores — start qualifying

Before the start: The German eagle are closed traveled to Innsbruck. Severin Freud was the first competition unlucky with the disqualification due to an incorrectly positioned suit. Otherwise, he has shown good jumps in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Some air upwards have Andreas Welling er and Pius Pancake. Stephan Late shows in his comeback year already quite solid performances. Constantin Schmidt is stable traveling without outliers to the top. Markus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger have exchanged something their roles in the fight for the overall victory. After a strong second place Eisenbichler the second jump he is now placed in front of Geiger in the standings. However, the gap to the front is considerable, so that the two Germans is only attributable to an outside chance of overall victory.

Before the start: Whole 78 athletes today are trying to make it into the competition. The start making the Austrians with their national group. Michael Haycock, Elias Moved, Clemens Signer, Maximilian Other, Stefan Trainer and Thomas Lacked want to attack off the front. Then jump nor posited in the Austrian team in the further course of the qualification. These include Ulrich Wohlgenannt, Philipp Buchenwald, Daniel Tschofenig, Manuel fetter and Jan Horn. Also, Stefan Kraft wants to make amends for the bad result from Garmisch-Partenkirchen again. It comes with the hill for years not cope, and the qualification did not survive to the New Year's event. To be different today.

Before the start: You Kobayashi is after the first half at the Four Hills Tournament in the lead. The Japanese triumphed in both the opening event in Oberstdorf and at the New Year's event in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Unlike thought Markus Eisenbichler is currently the best German. After his strong second place in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, he is fourth. World Cup leader Karl Geiger is sixth in the standings.

Before the start: The quality on the Bergen starts at 13.30.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the qualification in Innsbruck, the third station in the Four Hills Tournament.

Ski Jumping — Four Hills Tournament: Qualification in Innsbruck today on TV and live stream

For the qualification in Innsbruck offer the IDF and Eurosport at two stations broadcasts on free TV. The two stations broadcast the qualification also in the live stream. While the IDF releases the event for free, for Eurosport at cost.

But with a DAZN -Ago you can circumvent these costs. Thanks to the cooperation between Eurosport and DAZN Eurosport 1 and 2 Eurosport are some available around the clock.

The subscription is available for 14.99 euros a month or 149.99 euros per year. Articles and videos about the topic Disgusting! Geiger buried tourney dream Eisenbichler shines — violinist Stinkesauer Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly. Ski jumping — Quadruple Tourney: The stand after the 2nd jump Place | Springer | Overall points - 1 | You Kobayashi | 593.2 2 | Marius India | 580 3 | Love KOS | 575.5 4 | Markus Eisenbichler | 572.1 5 | Favor Tegnér Garnered | 563.4 6 | Karl Geiger | 560.9 7 | Robert Johansson | 559.8 8 | Stephan Late | 530.5 9 | Jan Horn | 527.3 10 | Daniel Huber | 526.1


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