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FC Bayern | Nerlinger about being: Politics in the club cost a lot of energy

From 2009 to 2012 Christian Nerlinger led as a Bayerns director the Scheke at FC Bayern. Although the great successes left at that time, the ex-professional looks back today. It was not easy for him at the Säbener Straße.

In the summer of 2008, ex-professional Christian Nerlinger first returned as a team manager to FC Bayern. A year later, he then stepped into the large footsteps of Uli Hoeneß and was tranBayerned to the Bayerns director. He was only partially prepared for what was squeezed on him on his own statement.

Louis van Gaal: Wir Sind die beste + Bierdouche Bayern Munchen (HQ - 16:9) "The basic tasks such as the Academy keep an eye on the team, transfers, the employees and physicians, I really enjoyed," said Nerlinger to "The Athletic" about his time in Munich. However, there was also developments in the club that caused him problems.

"I never liked the policy, she tasted me a lot of energy. As director you have almost the same feeling as a player, but I found out that it is a fulltime job, which always requires 100 percent," says Former professional. "I had three small children at that time and decided to put more emphasis on the family," said Nerlinger.

In retrospect, he sneaked a little that he missed the very successful era of FC Bayern, Nerlinger admitted. For example, he had been released from the club directly before the quadruple year 2013.

But in his years he has already been able to recognize a development, said the ex-professional. "I've learned that everything can happen in 90 minutes. But if I compare our team with José Mourinhos Inter Milan with José Mourinhos Inter Milan, I have to say that [im Champions League Final 2011] was a deserved victory for Inter. But against Chelsea we [2012] were 20 goals and were the dominant team. There we would have been the deserved winner. You could see that the players and the team continued to develop continuously. "

Nerlinger: Van Gaal has led the FC Bayern back to the track

As a key figure of this development, Nerlinger turns out the Dutch star coach Louis van Gaal, who took the scepter 2009. "When he started, the club had big problems. We lost 0: 4 against Barcelona, ​​but could have also collected ten goals. Suddenly there was [with Van Gaal] much more discipline and structure in the team."

He has never seen a coach who work on this level as Louis van Gaal, nerlinger swarmed from "celebration". "He supported the players from their own youth, Philipp Lahm made to the captain and Bastian Schweinsteiger at his right hand. New at Bavaria was that one believed in these young players, supported and shaped to great personalities."

At the interpersal level, he was well realized with the complicated Dutchman, Nerlinger assured: "He was always good for a surprise. You never knew what would happen the next day, but if you have prepared for an important conversation He always accepted that. What he did not accept were emotional comments that had no foundation. But we had a good relationship. "


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