HSV star with sharp shiri

Several times arbitrator Daniel Siebert in the northern derby in the 2nd Bundesliga in the spotlight. Among other things, he decided twice for trademeters for Werder Bremen, which strengthened his top position in the ascent race with a 3-2 victory at the Hamburger SV.

On the side of the inferior HSV, the protagonists were naturally frustrated and embittered about the decisions of the referee, two penalties after supposed hand games to have getting counterparts.

One of them was Midfielder Jonas Meffert, who had jumped a ball on his hand in the first half. Only after the procedure of the video referee was decided on trademeters in the 10th minute.

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"Normally one says, the Var attacks when it's a clear wrong decision. He shoots me from a meter, I pull my hand back. That's never a clear wrong decision. That's ridiculous for me!" Over the 27 -Year-old after the lost derby at the "Sky" microphone.

Referee Siebert with remarkable statement

After 2: 3 from Hamburg view, the impartial itself was also questioned to the many contentious situations. Siebert emphasized the remarkably fair dealing with professionals on both sides with his decisions during the game, although the frustration of bottle and Co. focused on the referee after the final whistle.

"A few games I already have on the hump: I thought it was really amazing and would like to thank the participants in the field that despite the many contested decisions and the heated atmosphere I had the feeling that my decisions really accepted. This is a great feeling nowadays, you have to get rid of it, "said the 37-year-old talking to the" NDR ".

Through the third defeat of the current season, HSV continues to rank in the 2nd Bundesliga only in fourth place and thus behind the ascent ranks.


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