Youngs with five wins and a defeat

With five wins and only one defeat, we have delivered Youngs of the SC Prussia Münster a strong weekend again. In the provincial post report we look at the lots.

Frederick the Great's Battle of Mollwitz, 1741 ⚔️ | First Silesian War

U19 is subject to Dusseldorf

On the away win in the 1st FC Cologne followed for the U19 now at home a 1: 3 defeat against Fortuna Dusseldorf. "In the end there is a deserved defeat against a good opponent, but would have been absolutely avoidable and annoying. Unfortunately, we could not bring our qualities into play, which have awarded us in most games of this season and therefore have defended poorly and little intensively in the goals, "coach Tobias Harink accounted for the game. Already after 14 minutes the Fortunen had gone to the lead by Daniel Bunk (14th), after the break, Justin Seven (50th) laid for the Düsseldorf to 2: 0. Although Paul Wiemer (75.) was able to shorten the YoungStars, but Nils Gatzke (80th) kept the 1: 3 final score from Prussia's point of view. "They were also good phases, especially in their own possession, ultimately lacked the effectiveness and puncture force before the opposing goal. Due to its risk-free, Düsseldorf was certainly better with the adverse conditions. We will see our problems clearly, but then quickly look forward. "

U16 succeeds a special victory

A special victory succeeded by the U16 in the Westfalenliga, which defeated Borussia Dortmund at home with 4: 2 and has shown a giant moral. After halftime one still stayed goatless, two of two almost the events overwhelmed. Alex Niziola (49. & 54.) brought the Dortmund after the break with a double pack within five minutes in the lead and the favorite seemed to meet his role. But that did not give up the eagle carriers satisfied. Only three minutes later came Emre Gündogdu (57th), to the 1: 2 connection hit. Again only two minutes later it was already the equalizer by Gündogdu (59th). As if four goals in ten minutes would not be enough, Jakob Metze (63.) presented the duel again only four pointer turns later on the head - 3: 2. The final point of the game finally started again Gündogdu (72.), which achieved the 4: 2 final score with his third goal.

U15 & U14 both successful

A 3: 0 success about Fortuna Cologne succeeded by the U15, which made the second victory perfectly in the second game of the relegation round. "We made ourselves, unlike in the last game, to go. That worked well, unfortunately we have taken out the course after the leadership goal but slightly too much the corridor and later created with the second and third goal clear conditions. Next week Saturday we will need to increase ourselves abroad in Aachen, "says the conclusion of U15 coach Stefan Graber. Also successful was the U14, which caused clear conditions early in Rödinghausen. Already after eleven minutes, the young stars led 3: 0, then put the 4-0 final last shortly before the end. "That was a very dominant appearance of us. We left the ball very well and have come back after Derby last week, "said U14 coach Tommy Indplekofer over the performance.

U13 & U12 Curb Internists

With a 1-0 away win, the U13 is started in the second weekend in the second half. In the Derby near Münster 08, it was a few minutes before the end a penalty, which decided the competitive game in favor of the young eagle. A clearer affair was the game of U12, which did not give the 1st FC Gievenbeck at the 7: 1 home win.

The games in the overview

SCP U19 - Fortuna Dusseldorf | 1: 3

SCP U16 - Borussia Dortmund | 4: 2

SCP U15 - Fortuna Cologne | 3: 0

SCP U14 - SV Rödinghausen | 4: 0

Münster 08 - SCP U13 | 0: 1

SCP U12 - 1. FC Gievenbeck | 7: 1


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