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LOL - PATCH 12.6 PBE: Gigantic changes to Zeri, Rengar and cures

The next patch of League of Legends will not arrive on the scheduled date. Riot Games has taken a few days to decide their future and reorganize to continue serving novelties in their games. However, wait until next March 30 will be worth it. The cycle just just started in the PBE and has already been introduced first category changes that promise to put the title legs above. Two champions receive gigantic changes and there is also a great reduction of power for life robbery.

All changes in patch 12.6 in the PBE

As for the champions, the modifications that will suffer and Zeri have already been revealed. Both characters have become the most problematic of the game. The jungle had been suffering from the introduction of the new dragons and never recovered, so there will be a few improvements that promise to update with quality of life adjustments and a timid increase in power. As for the shooter, the goal is to reduce the strength of it in general terms and take it away from the constructions centered on accumulating life.

In addition, an important adjustment to cures has also been announced. Almost all the elements of the game intended for life theft will lose part of their effectiveness, being compensated with increases in damage or life points offered in cases where it is necessary. This project is part of what seems a much more ambitious change of Riot Games to modify the gameplay of League of Legends and that could be complemented by a widespread reduction of damage.

As for Skins, there will be two prominent releases on the 12.6 patch. Currently, cosmetics related to Squadron as Pyke warrior of the ash are currently available in the PBE. These two families of aspects will reach the game with a new event and the introduction of mythical essences as a new currency. Changes more than significant that will be completed with the arrival of the game mode one for all .

Summary of patch 12.6 in the PBE

Later you will find all the detailed changes, but before you can take a summary look at the adjustments. Remember that the PBE is a server in constant update and the next weeks will be added content (and we will introduce it here).

Changes to champions

  • NERF: Zeri
  • Settings: RENGAR

Changes to objects

  • Nerf: Vampiric scepter and leaf of the ruined king
  • Settings: Immortal and bloodthirsty Arcoescudo

NEW REWORK: HUGE Rengar Changes in Patch 12.6 - League of Legends #Shorts

Changes to RUNAS

  • Nerfs: Legend - Full lineage and feet
  • New: Treasure Hunter
  • Eliminated: Voraz Hunter


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