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Filling jug: did not want it to become a psycho play

Ultimately, it was 186 minutes, between the 1-0 winner of Niclas Füllrug against SV Darmstadt 98 and that to the 1: 1 final score last Saturday at FC St. Pauli. "Relatively fast" it went according to the attacker of the SV Werder Bremen so that he had the 15th episode of his 14th goal of the season. Füllkrug had already a few concerns, as he looked through on Wednesday - it was a new personal record for him. "The fact that I have already set the previous brand, but not broken, I did not want that to become a little psycho-playing game," he explained, "to such a mentality thing."

"The season is not over yet"

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For the first time in his career, Füllkrug had achieved in the season 2015/16 14 second league goals for ex-club 1. FC Nuremberg - the coming Bremen opponent on Easter Sunday (13.30 clock). In the Bundesliga season 2017/18 also gives him 14 hits for Hannover 96 - now he sat down with Werder new standards and also let know: "The season is not over yet." Particularly noteworthy: The new best value was the 29-year-old in the past 19 league games. Makes a goal quota of 0.79 per game.

Füllkrug occurs the proof

"It's going well, but I'm grateful," says Füllkrug: "I think that was not allowed to paint that, who has noticed the last two years, that it comes again." An allusion to his injuries that had braked him again and again during this time, including: a cruciate ligament tear, an injury to the ankle, one on the Achilles tendon. Before the current season, after his Werder return in the summer of 2019, he was in far less than a quarter of the maximum occupational time in the square. That his "body is not at the limit", as he emphasized before the second division season started in the Darmstadt interview, he has certainly started this proof.

The medical side "a bit ignored"

Also thanks to unusual methods. "I especially prepared for this season, unlike the other seasons," Füllkrug said now, he had "heard more on my body and less on what was recommended to me - also by medical side". That some exercises were excluded due to past operations, for example in the knee, for him, "I ignored a bit," explains the striker with a smile: "I have made a few strength training units more and a bit more weight stopped when I maybe that actually should."

As a result, his muscles have been strengthened around the previously susceptible joints so "that I am absolutely fit and nothing more feel". At the moment, Füllkrug do not go as good as long as no longer. I hope that stays that way - and I also work very much ". The 15 seasonal desks are a first wage. So far. Five more games are still to be developed.


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