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Gladbach after victory very, very happy

Borussia Mönchengladbach wins 2-0 at the SPVGG Greuther Fürth. In the fight against the descent, the foals now have a solid upholstery.

Adi Hütter stretched satisfied smiling the right thumbs up as he disappeared in the cabin. His players were still celebrating their vocal trailers - for good reason. After 2: 0 (2: 0) At the SPVGG Greuther Fürth, Borussia Mönchengladbach has probably nothing more to do after a largely used season with descent. "I'm very, very happy about the three points," said coach Hütter.

Yes, "We like to take the three points," said after the game also a relaxed Matthias Ginter at "Sky". Gladbach convinced in a good first half, the hits of Marcus Thuram (19th) and Alessane's Plea, who transformed a foul foul feet (24./ after video proof), fumered with great delay, fell inevitably. The victory hardly got into danger, even if, as Ginter said, the second half of "a bit reciprocated".

After ten points from the past four games, the foals have gained a solid upholstery on the relegation place. For Table Final Fürth Rank 16 is still so far away that the descent is practically no longer preventing - Manager Rachid Azzouzi had to deal with inquiries to the future of coach Stefan Leitl, which should be asked at Schalke 04 and Hertha BSC.

"We are in open honest exchange," said Azzouzi, Leitl initially contracted until 2023 and "What he has to us". But he also realizes that his coach "is ambitious, one will not be tied up". Except for question, supplemented Azzouzi, "that we would like to continue with him".

In addition, Azzouzi was irritated on the process that led to the penalty. Timothy Tillmann had fouled Stefan Lainer (20th), but the referee Tobias Stieler kept running.

Only three minutes later, the referee ran on the reference of the Cologne cellar to the sideline to view the scene again - and decided on penalty.

Fürth 0:2 Gladbach (Mönchengladbach Fans beim Auswärtsieg in Fürth????????⚫⚪(09.04.2022)

The referee was initially "safe", "that he does not have to get out," the Azzouzi roared, who did not want to realize a clear wrong decision. Curios: Stieler had been on Wednesday video repellent in the game of FC Augsburg against Mainz 05 (2: 1) - and had not pointed to the colleague Matthias Jölenbeck on site that he had detrimentally uncommon for a penalty.

The shamrock resisted after the 0: 2 forces, but did not come beyond good approaches. Sebastian Griesbeck (30th), whose header flew just next to the gate, had a good chance for a quick connection hit, but it was not much more dangerous.

For everything efforts and good approaches in the second half, the assertiveness was lacking in and in the penalty area as well as precision and cold snopism in the conclusion.


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