Play Weed Online Convention

Playing Weed (representative Kim Hak-joon) predicted the online media conference with the name of the "A New Way to Play", which suggested the direction of the future business through the block chain. The online media meetings of the Play Sad will be held on April 19th to 2 pm on the afternoon. At this time, the representative of the Partner Company, which is blocked, along with the Park Jung-jeong, Lee Jae-yong, Kim Jung-ju,

Crashing Online Classes by Hitting my Bong

At the meeting, it is a played and block chain, partner introduction, and the future strategy of the play seat. The program will be relayed through the official YouTube for about 1 hour with the announcement, media Q & A configuration.

On the other hand, the Play Side is a representative game that is preparing for Taiwan's launch [Seal M] ahead of the release of [Seal M], and it is to set the character and NFT (non fungible token, an alternative token),.

For more information on the future vision of this Playwide, we will be disclosed through future conferences.


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