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Delivery professional? In this drawer Antonio Rüdiger does not fit

Back to the roots - literally. That was Antonio Rüdiger's motto in the workout time at the beginning of the week. Africa was his goal, but not the continental championship currently running in Cameroon, but Sierra Le1. It is the birth country of his mother. His father and rüdiger himself are Berliner. At the airport in Freetown there was a casserole and a screaming, which many Popstar had envied the German international. On the way from the terminal to the car he was picked up, he could practice in close combat. Peacefully, of course, but it then needed some assertiveness until he had shaken his fans polite, but certainly shaken.

"I'm speechless, these people are crazy," Rüdiger tweeted with a laughter smiley to emphasize that of course he says "crazy" in the positive sense. He will also be forgiven that almost all ran around there mask-free while he wired with FFP-2 mask through the crowd.

Rüdiger wanted to "refuel" for the coming stressful weeks according to their own information in Africa, but he also true to important tasks: founding the Antonio-Rüdiger Foundation, visit to the German ambassador, meeting with fans. Chelsea professionals stand up in Africa in the course, not least because of Didier Drogba and Michael Essien.

Enormous popularity thrust since Roma times

Rüdiger's popularity is also significantly higher than his last visit five years ago. At that time he still played at the Roma. Meanwhile, he is a service provider at the blues, tribal force in the German national team, Champions League winner and crowd pleasure at the Stamford Bridge.

If the English knows a long-drawn "Rüüüüüü" through the stadium, of course, "Ar2" meant, which means a great honor for him and expressed English much more cooler than in German. But that only incidentally.

Difficult times among Frank Lampard

Much more important: Just over a year ago, there was not much to laugh for "Toni" Rüdiger. His coach Frank Lampard had not banned him on the bench, but partly on the grandstand. That was already severely comprehensible and today is the only way to consider the development of Rüdiger under Lampard's successor Thomas Tuchel, who has been in office since Wednesday. Those Tuchel, who wanted to get Rüdiger in the fall of 2020 still after Paris, where he then got the dismissal among the Christmas tree.

Chelsea 3 2 Leeds Antonio Rudiger at the centre of heated scenes in furious post match brawl

However, the phase, in which Rüdiger was not allowed to play, has hit him deeply. Sporty, clear because he is a thoroughbred footballer who always wants to kick. Above all, human, because in his perception, he learned too little support from the Chelsea bosses who would have been prepared to let him with a corresponding offer. But Rüdiger wanted to break out.

Of course, Rüdiger wants to earn more - top list to interested parties

Today things are different: Rüdiger's contract expires in the coming summer. It is no secret that he wants to earn more, significantly more because he sees himself in another category. But not much more, as has already been colensioned. He does not see himself in the spheres of an international topstormer like Romelu Lukaku or Robert Lewandowski.

Everyone wants to rate that professionals, even rüdiger, more and more money. But decisive is two things: How down to earth is a player despite the megagehalt? And what's the industry? At the latter point, there are always several parties in the game. Rüdiger's upscale standing, its constant good performances for a year in the club, which raised him in the Chelsea ranking twice into the international class, are his arguments in this poker.

The club must be superior: do we give the player more, or let's move him away? His successor, he should be similar, but will be allegedly no less demanding and probably also cost. So when Chelsea can be pulled Rüdiger, then only to demonstrate that one is supposedly stronger.

The ex-Stuttgart, however, can choose: PSG, Manunited, Real Madrid and FC Bayern are clubs that emerge again and again when it comes to Rüdiger's future. On the other hand, he feels very comfortable with his little, young family in London, so he will not give up without hesitation.

Fine flair for the less privileged in pandemic times

Money is not everything. That rüdiger is down to earth, he not only proves through its generous commitment in his mother's home, where he financed operations for children - but also through numerous social donations of various kinds: in September 2020 he delivered pizza nationwide to 13 hospitals, as well as for the staff Designed as the food he donated for three months in his birthplace in Berlin Charité. On his 28th birthday on March 3, 2021, Rüdiger also had a huge cake buffet in a London Hospital. But he not only gives people to the people, but more importantly: respect for their work, especially in the pandemic. And so he already made his Instagram channel available so that employees could report their everyday life and their worries.

The drawer with the money horny professional living in a large football bubble should therefore open no one for Rüdiger. He will not fit in.

Not only because of donations. Rüdiger looks out for a long time beyond the box, is strong against racism. However, the forces of the defense player who had to learn about infants in the stadium and outside, also limited in this regard. "The idiots have won," he said a few years ago resigning. But of course he will not stop hope that the big, reasonable mass it creates that a few spiritual flyers can not be heard with racist statements.

Flexible and set - even at Hansi Flick

More enjoyable is your own development for Rüdiger. In the Bundesliga in Stuttgart not really perceived by a broad public, it moved to Italy after 66 missions for the Swabia. In Rome, he developed, especially tactically, which he still benefits today in Chelseas's trial series. But he not only defends strong, but is also a flywheel for Chelseas offensive. Especially with his vests sounds said "Rüüüüüüü" at the Bridge.

Rüdiger plays all positions in the trial, but as well as both internal defense positions in the four-chain. Here he is also set in the national team, both at Hansi Flick and in his predecessor Joachim Löw. However, the wishes did not meet for the past European Championship. He had hoped that he would play so well that he would comply as positive in the German public as in the Premier League. But in the DFB jersey, he confessed himself some time ago, he could not shine so constant so far.

The question of all questions urges

Nevertheless, he is a central defender at an international top level, the number and the quality of the associations interested in him proves this. In addition, his successes talk to Chelsea, especially the Champions League Triumph 2021, for themselves. And soon he will certainly answer the famous question, which already the British rock band the Clash made many years ago: "Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?"


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