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Test: Kia EV6 AWD GT

As he looks: The corner of the arbitrary has long left Kia; Even the more conventionally powered models are anything but optical bores. And yet the EV6 should still settle away from them. Kia has been offering pure battery electricians for a long time. However, in contrast to converted combustion engines such as Niro EV or Eoul, the EV6 is the first to make E-GMP based on the specially developed electric platform, and this specialty had to be made visible. The 4.70 meter long Korean interprets the topic of crossover very extroverted and with a pinch of coupe; The massive - and, in order to put it carefully - stealed with the continuous luminaire, in order to carefully formulate it. Sanked door handles smooth the side area to the best possible wind slippery.

Incidentally, the counterpart to the EV6 carries the Hyundai-Viget and is called Ioniq 5.

Vegan: Interior with a free-floating center console and double screen. Manufacturer

How he is set up: No less cool to match the exterior. Two screens form an optical, slightly arched unit, the left display visualized, relevant information such as speed or range, the right is responsible for multimedia. Nice: The narrow control bar that Kia has upgraded into a double function. This means that the key assignment on the tap between air conditioning on the one hand and navigation system/infotainment on the other. It is not difficult to deal with the diverse on -board functions of being curved as we have partially expelled in the radically digitized VW ID.3, the EV6 does not give any reason. We would only have liked the voice control more clearly, and unfortunately the smartphone only finds by cable connection.

First of all, the large-scale head-up display, which can be used to paint three-dimensional turning instructions on the road with augmented reality, and secondly the active dead angle assistant with a monitor display, which when it comes to blinker in the unrestricted area, can be used in the driver display. Both features, along with remote-controlled (!) Parking function and all-round view camera, belong to the Assist Plus package (1790 euros), which, however, is reserved for the "GT-Line" equipment level. As standard, this level offers the opportunity to spend the loading break in a convenient lying position on the heating and ventilated relaxation seats.

The seat covers Camoufliert in suede optics, but in fact it is all the interior vegan, and recycled PET bottles were also interwoven in fabrics and carpets. Where we actually had to look twice: there is no rear disc wiper.

Lying when charging: relaxation seats. Manufacturer

How much space it has: technology leads to maximizing profits. And so the space in EV6 also fails, you can look at the somewhat limited headroom in the rear, which goes to the account of the coupé -like roof line. There is no shortage of practical shelves, as standard there is a ski-through. Said sloping ceilings also mean that higher transport goods are difficult to accommodate in the luggage compartment. Basically, it will not be the loading volume, the vacation trip fails, 490 to 1300 liters are not outstanding, but are okay. In the GT-Line model, the extent shrinks to 480 to 1260 liters, also the recording capacity of the "Frunk" varies, it is only 20 liters for the all-wheel drive, otherwise it is not particularly lush (440 kilograms).

If desired, the EV6 can take a trailer into tow, the variant with a small battery (more on this later) creates up to 750, which with a maximum of 1600 kilograms. However, - keyword bicycle transport - the support load should be more relevant for many customers, and with 100 kilograms it reaches an e -bike -compatible level.

What drives him: Two electric motors with a total of 239 kW/325 hp and 605 Newton meters of torque. One of the permanent magnet synchronous machines sits on the front, the other on the rear axle, in this way the technical backbone of the all-wheel drive is created, whereby the main drive is carried out via the rear wheels, the front ones are switched on. The electric motors learn from a lithium-ion battery with 77.4 kWh capacity.

That is the big solution. But it is also easier. For example, only with rear -wheel drive: the battery remains the same, but only an electric motor is active, the power is reduced to 168 kW/229 hp. The base model, which is also the rear-driven basic model, leaves it with a 58 kWh battery and 125 kW/170 hp.

In autumn, the top model EV6 GT with 430 kW/585 hp of the series sets up the sporty crown.

A force: Heck with continuous light band. Manufacturer

How it drives: The electrical car from the fleck-path acceleration is boosting thanks to the high performance and opulent torque to particularly impressive vehemence, the emphasized sporty chassis design ensures that the power potential on the street Also what makes it start, with the crossover structure and the high weight of 2.2 tons of too daring activities set natural limits. At the same time, the EV6 also gives the sufficient conciliators glider and thus does justice to what most customers expect from a Stromer.

The extensively available driving assistants, from whom we primarily want to mention the motorway assistant II, which keeps the safety distance when activated, accelerates, brakes and keeps the vehicle on track, also automatically run overtaking. Thanks to three driving modes - Eco, normal, sport - the character of the Koreaner shows itself to be changeable.

At 185 km/h, the electronics come to an end even faster, although the e-drivers who are concerned with range as a result are generally preferred to convert behavior over the highway anyway.

One more word about recuperation: it can be controlled easily via steering wheel rockers, four stages are available, as well as an intelligent auto mode that is based on the respective traffic situation and navigation data, as well as the extra high i-pedal program, which the brake pedal no longer has to be tried in many situations.

The EV6 benefits from its 800-volt charging technology on the quick charging station. Manufacturer

How far it comes: that the theoretical reach is on a literally different sheet than the actual one, you already know that. The EV6 is no exception here. According to official information, our test car, which is equipped with 20-inch wheels, is to create up to 484 kilometers (19 inches: 506 kilometers), despite the reserved driving style, we have failed significantly and only presented 290 to at best 330 kilometers. At the time of our test, temperatures around ten degrees prevailed, spring -like mildness could expand the possibilities.

Incidentally, the maximum within the model range is the tail operator with 77.4 kWh battery and 19-inch wheels: the standard certifies it up to 528 kilometers.

What he consumes: Also with electricity consumption keep theory and practice. 18.0 kWh/100 km is offset by an average of 23.1 kWh.

How he charges: The loading connection is already accommodated - it hides right under the right of the arc, the flap opens electrically. And it goes even further: In contrast to the majority of the electric cars that work with 400-volt charging technology, the EV6 can use an 800-volt system, as is otherwise only expensive noble stream such as Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron Gt offer. This benefits him when it comes to quick charging: DC a direct current flows into the battery with up to 240 kW, theoretically, 18 minutes should meet to one of the-although still quite rare-350 kW-power charger from 10 to 80 percent battery charging stand reach. We did not get over 150 kW, and only at short notice. Nevertheless, the loading breaks remain short, so the long distance is easy to do.

Bidirectional shop: This works with the help of an adapter. Manufacturer

The EV6 uses three-phase and up to 10.5 kW on the alternating current wall box, once full (10 to 100 percent) takes up almost seven and a half hours.

A battery heating system is standard, the heat pump costs 1000 euros surcharge.

We would have liked a little more support in planning charging stops from the navigation system. It lists the charging stations along the route. But if you want to narrow down the variety to meaningful - for example on fast loaders - the filter still has to be tried. There is no information about occupied status or prices. And finally it is still necessary to set the selected station as a way out. Audi, BMW or Mercedes can do that better and more comfortably.

The EV6 has a different ability to do this: The vehicle-to-load function (V2L) makes it possible to feed electrical consumers such as the e-bike or the electric grill and even supply other electric cars. Das nennt sich bidirektionales Laden und funktioniert mit bis zu 3,6 kW.

Allrad ist kein Muss: Den EV6 gibt es auch als Hecktriebler. Das kommt günstiger und generiert mehr Reichweite. Manufacturer

What he offers: The supplied equipment is extensive. 19-inch alloy wheels, hemlocking assistant, navib-based adaptive contemporary with stop-and-go function, traffic jam assistant, navigation system, reversing camera and steering wheel heating are always standard, for example, the GT-Line model come in the GT-Line model, active dead corner assistant, motorway assistant II, electrical tailgate With sensor control, relaxing seats with seat heating and ventilation, automatically exit door handles and V2L function.

What it costs: from 58,890 euros. The waiver of all-wheel drive saves 3900 euros, the GT-Line package another 6000 euros.

Kia clever has taken place in the price: larger battery and all -wheel drive are kept as an additional equipment of the basic model. Thus, all variants get the full environmental bonus of 9570 euros gross.

Kia EV6 GT (2022) High-Performance Electric Car | Full Details | Drag Race, Features and Interior

What we mean: With the EV6, Kia has put a very good electric car on the bikes that deserved the title of "Car of the Year 2022". The expressive design is a matter of taste, other features such as the 800-volt charging technology or the ability to load bidirectional also lenses the Koreans objectively beyond the majority of the competition. Kia should still improve the navibased charging planning. The not inconsiderable price grants the extensive equipment of absolution. Tip: do without all -wheel drive, pay less and get significantly further with a slightly reduced performance.

Ulla Ellmer

the data of the KIA EV6 AWD GT-Line

Drive: Elektro, two permanent synchronous machines. Input reduction gear, all-wheel drive

Power: 239 kW/325 hp at 6000/min

Max. Torque : 605 Nm

Battery type: lithium ions

Capacity: 77.4 kWh

Charging connection: type 2, 3-phase, up to 10.5 kW and CCS, up to 240 kW

top speed: 185 km/h (settled)

acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 5.2 sec

range WLTP: 484 km

Norm consumption WLTP: 18.0 kWh/100 km

Test consumption : 23.1 kWh/100 km

CO2 emission: 0 g/km

Energy efficiency class: a +++

Length: 4.70 m

Width: 1.89 m

Height: 1.55 m

Trunk: 480 to 1260 l Plus 20 l (frunker)

Empty weight: 2100 - 2190 kg

A permissible total weight: 2530 kg

payload: 440 kg

Board load: 1600 kg (braked), 750 kg (unchecked)

Insurance Type classes: 18 (HP), 23 (t), 26 (VK)

Price: from 58,890 euros


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