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Travel competition trim: Rennsport

In May 2019, the Italian developer Kunos Simulazioni has already released on the PC along with Publisher 505 Games Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC). Since then, the game from the Sim-Racing Esport is indispensable.

Many of the virtual GT series are held here. Most recently, Kamil Pawlowski was able to meet his dream of Ferrari Drivers Academy over the Ferrari Esports Series. At the ERACE of Champions 2022, ACC was used as a platform for the virtual ice rates created by mod. About the former F1-Sim-Racer Lucas Blakeley put the foundation for later victory against Sebastian Vettel on the real track.

Since 24 February 2022, the popular SIM-Racing platform for 39.99 € is also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. If you already have the 2020 PLAYSTATION 4 or XBOX One version already published, you can now jump in the air now - you get the new version for free and can just take your score over.

Neatly polished the sheet metal

Overworked was a lot compared to the eighth console generation. With 4K resolution and stable 60 frames per second, developers have succeeded in a visible jump.

Track environments have detailed - treetops and lawns have a contour for the first time, the shadow throw is more authentic. The designs of the cars are smoother, stickers contrasting, fittings and interior seem more rounded. Only the view in the rearview mirror continues to disclose a slightly pixeled image.

Good view - cockpit, track and vehicles in ACC in a new splendor on PS5 and Xbox Series X | s. Kunos Simulazioni

Assetto Corsa Competizione has the license of the GT World Challenge. Official GT3 cars, routes and drivers are included in the game. For PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S keep the coatings of the past 2021 season of the FIA GT-Series entry.

In addition, there is the "2020 GT World Challenge" DLC and the BMW M4 GT3 on top. In multiplayer, lobbies can be created for private races with up to 30 participants.

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Can be driven in career, championship, quick-race, practice or multiplayer mode. The latter is of course the heart of the game - ACC bears the word betting streets _ (Ital.: Competizione) _ Already in the name. Even 24-hour race with day / night cycles and weather changes are possible.

Packing once

However, the ridge of reality loyalty is likely to have console players unusually hard. Assetto Corsa Competizione is SIM racing in clean form. Tracks were integrated in the game via laser scanning technology. Any unevenness, every stone, the radius of CURBS - everything complies with the state of the course at the time of the scan.

The racing poles were created by means of a mathematical model: tire liability and development, aerodynamics, suspension, electronic systems are imaged authentically. The weather and motorsporting eventualities act dynamically on the course of the race. In the rain, the vehicle floats over occasional puddles. Drivers have to adapt to changing circumstances in each round.

In the rain, the racing experience becomes egg dance - high attention is required. Kunos Simulazioni

Although there are helps such as traction / stability control and ABS, the entry into the sim-racing is therefore no easier - especially with controller control. While it is offered, the maximum control over the vehicle is only helpful. Despite the PS5 dualSense controller, the required feedbacks are only filtered with the sofa pilot.

In order to enjoy the ACC racing experience in full splendor, it mandatory equipment such as steering wheel and racing seat. Thus, Kunos Simulazionis racing games clearly stands out from competitors such as Gran Turismo 7 and F1 2021, which can ensure sim-racing, but always guarantee a slight introduction.

There is also in ACC against the Ki Genuine Rennsport Feeling. Because in wheel-to-bike duels, the artificial opponents show their true skills. Here is not the most spectacular Dive-Bomb, but who prepares his overtaking maneuver tactical and accurate about rounds. However, the high claim in the course of the masters at the end ensures more offline game fun and long-term motivation.

Big-Race Brother is Watching You

Once retracted, Assetto Corsa Competizione is pure driving pleasure. A unique selling point on consoles, because pioneers such as Iracing, RFactor 2 and Raceroom have not dared the leap so far.

Even the adequate attitude of the car can take a lot of time. The bolide must be tuned to route and driver needs about menus and choices. In addition, the entire criminal catalog of the FIA is active. Rempler, abbreviate or too fast driving in the pit lane are punished - always.

For multiplayer races, the score of the game is relevant: driving activities are rated by the game and classified within the distance knowledge, control, constancy, basic speed and safety.

A low score leads from online restrictions to exclusion for special events. That can be able to learn offline. Clean and anticipating driving is rewarded. But honestly, who wants to be vacated in the last curve before the supposed victory from the track?

A filter system creates overview in the various online lobbies. A selection for favorite routes, Internet connection, region and score should be targeted to preferred races and leagues.

(Online) fault start?

But ACC does not come without problems on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. The reason for this is above all an older version, as it is already available on PC, PlayStation 4 or the Xbox ONE.

Many bugfixes, graphics updates, more stable online races and a retreaded driving system came first with version 1.8.0 _ (currently 1.8.13) _. Currently, only version 1.7.10 is available on the ninth console genrogenization.

Much started on the racetrack is currently only in offline mode. Kunos Simulazioni

Here, the somewhat unpredictable driving behavior of the Bolids opposite the current version on the other platforms is clearly noticeable. In addition, there were always connection problems online, which are currently increasingly being more orphaned lobbies. CrossSplay could prevent this problem after the announced update to the latest version and merge players of all platforms. However, this is not intended.


Quick success will rarely be rarely set in Aspto Corsa Competezione - especially with controller. It takes time for useful results.

Those who want to take them, in the best case, a steering wheel setup has owned and on console so far reclaimed racing technology, should definitely take a look at the sim-racing classic.

The authentic driving experience, the criminal catalog, the score system and the class acting Ki automatically make ACC to the console primus in terms of SIM racing. A unique and challenging console racing experience is guaranteed in ASSETTO Corsa Competizione without the latest version of the game.

However, this is almost exclusively for the offline modes. Online is currently little going on. Due to the established leagues, which take place mainly on PC, the situation in the lobbies will probably not change for the foreseeable future. CrossSplay is therefore almost inevitable in the future in order to bind players independently of the platform and offer competitive virtual racing.


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