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Formula 1 - Miami -GP: Verstappen Ferrari stands out - Schumacher shoots Vettel and misses WM

Max Verstappen won the Miami Grand Prix. The Red Bull Pilot won the International Autodrome in front of World Cup competitor Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz in Ferrari.

Mick Schumacher (Haas) experienced a black day. For a long time, the German was on a point course, but a few rounds before the end he collided with compatriot Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) and fell back to the end of the field. Vettel was also no longer able to intervene in the race - the Heppenheimer had to park his racing car.

Miami-GP: The analysis

Already at the start, Verstappen managed to break the Ferrari bulwark. The Dutchman came from the spot a little better after the red traffic lights have been exposed and pushed two outside of the Spaniard in curve. Behind it, Sergio Perez also attacked the Ferrari driver, but the Mexican did not find the way.

There should be no long -lasting in the fight for leadership. After eight rounds, Leclerc reported his box to break in the front tires, which was not to be said twice and pushed. Within only two rounds, the Dutch found the connection to the Monegassen and set its attack. With the DRS and visibly more grip he overtook Leclerc on the start and target straight in round ten and took the lead.

Afterwards, it was also clear that the Red Bull was the faster racing car. Verstappen successively managed to expand the lead on Leclerc, after 15 laps more than 5 seconds had already been accumulated. Perez also put pressure on Sainz behind the two and would also have passed the Ferrari. However, the Mexican had a few rounds to struggle with problems on the power unit, which is why he had to tear down.

The pit stops did not change this picture either. All four top pilots chose the hards for the second stint and a resulting one-time strategy. On the hardest mixture, the Red Bull seemed even more superior compared to the red car, which is why Verstappen had no problems defending his lead to the finish.

A late safety car phase - triggered by a crash between Lando Norris (McLaren) and Pierre Gasly (Alphatauri) - brought 15 laps before the end of the race. Perez in particular emerged as a profiteer because it gave him a free stop and the opportunity to attack the Ferraris again.

This also succeeded, also because Perez made a mistake even when braking on curve, but no longer. Verstappen defended his place in the sun despite one last attack by Leclerc, behind it the Monegasse and team -mate Sainz finished second and third.

Round! Network reactions to the Hamilton debacle in Imola

Miami-GP: The tire strategy

Ferrari's strategy plan was thrown over the pile after just a few rounds by the quick advance. In order to be able to have a say to have a say, the SCUDERIA switched to "Plan D", a one-time strategy with a change on the hard tires.

But Red Bull did not take any risk. Since Leclerc from the top group gave the starting signal, the Austrians simply copied the Scuderia's approach and sent their two pilots off and also pierced the hard stint on the hard.

Movement came into the field little. Why the Scuderia did not at least send Sainz to an alternative strategy in order to put at least a little under pressure in Verstappen can at least be questioned.

Towards the end it was Perez who raised new tires again because of the Safety Car. With the fresh medium, however, the advantage over Sainz was less than expected. Perez came to just one attack.

Highlight of the race: Aston-Martin-Haas duelle

While there was little moving at the top of duels, the fans on the Miami International Autodrome were allowed to examine some gripping duels in midfield.

Among other things, between the two Haas and Aston Martin pilots. Despite the significantly fresher tires, the former only achieved the way past the green racing cars. Again and again Vettel and Stroll countered the maneuvers of the Haas drivers and offered some tight bike-an-wheel duels.

It is all the more tragic that the crash between Vettel and Schumacher ended up.

"It's a miracle!" With these Formula 1 crashs, a guardian angel was on board

top of the race: George Russell

Yesterday's qualifying goes on his cap. In today's races, however, the youngster showed all his quality. Thanks to a good speed and clever strategy, he was fifth in fifth place from starting place. He remains the only pilot that has driven into the points in every race in 2022. Strong idea!

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Flop of the race: Aston Martin

The British pace during the race was not even bad, the bitter is therefore what happened immediately before the start of the race. Due to incorrect storage of the fuel, both Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll had to start from the pit lane. The good starting positions (P10 and P13) were gone. Also weak: Mick Schumacher, who threw away with his crash, who was believed to be safe with his crash.


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