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Limit options for 3 self -determination.

The Korea Communications Commission has seen that it violates the current law just by limiting payment outlinks in apps registered in Google Play. If Google is deleting the app, it is interpreted to immediately go through the post-regulation process.

Currently, Google is allowing a third self-determination system and confronting the claim of violations of the law.

Jeon Hye-sun, head of the telecommunications market research department at the Korea Communications Commission, said in a description of the in-app payment for the journalist at the Gwacheon building on the 26th. If you can't, it's hard to say that your choice is guaranteed. ”

As Google announced with its own payment method and a separate payment method, it is a violation of the Telecommunications Business Act. Although the practical checks are conducted before the report and resolution of the Communications Commission, it means that the department is considered to be a sufficient violation of the law.

Google is in a position that app market operators have no legal obligations to further allow web payment outlinks. Google is also placing an app that has an unlocked payment method.

App developers say that only Google's APIs are forced to enforce specific payment methods. In addition, he criticized the intensity of the power developers with the dominance of the monopoly market.

As a result, the KCC obtained the app market expert advice, and if the developer did not want a third-party payment method made by Google, there were many opinions that the actual selection source was not given, and thus it could be judged as a violation of the law. there is.

It is dominant that allowing only the three-party payment method of Google's own payment method and Google's commission rate as a prohibition of relevant laws that enforce the use of specific payment methods is right.

Professor Choi Kyung-jin, Professor of Gachon University, said, “Considering the revision of the In-app Payment Act, considering the creation of a competitive environment and the expansion of user choice, it can be seen as a violation of the law (providing only the payment method of your payment and a specific fee rate). This is dominant. ”

If Google restricts updates and deletes the app, a separate prohibition will occur. The KCC plans to shift from the current status inspection to the fact that the sanctions discussion.

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Along with the administration, legislative wealth is also paying close attention to Google. Representative Kim Young-sik, who is the secretary of the National Assembly's Science and Technology Information and Communications Commission, said he would summon Google as soon as he completed the second half of the year.

An official from the National Assembly said, “It can be seen as a perjury that Google has stated that it will comply with local law in the legislative discussion process, including national audit.”


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