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New number 10: Mainz indicators playmaker Fulgini

Angelo Fulgini was well learnt France, has actually gone through all the French young people nationwide teams and also has actually created into a complete gamer in Ligue 1 over the last few years, that is known most importantly for his solid criteria as well as can make the distinction on the pitch, said FSV Sports director Martin Schmidt prices estimate: Angelo is in the prime of footballer age and has a gamer profile that we still did not have in regards to the type of game in the squad.


Angelo Fulgini comes from Ligue 1, where he has actually made a total of 149 league video games (20 objectives, 15 assists) for Angers SCO considering that 2017. Fulgini will put on number 10 in the future.

11. July 202253:04 mins

1991/92 season: East teams, tension, Bayern situation

A Bundesliga with 20 teams, a three-way battle for champions right approximately the last second-and without FC Bayern? The 1991/92 season can provide all that as well as extra, as well as with it the initial episode of twist history. The visitors Thomas Helmer, Guido Buchwald, Heinz Gründerel as well as Florian Weichert were right in the middle of it as well as recall with each other with the mediators Pini Platenius as well as Niklas Baumgart. To save Jörg Pilawa's young job. The next episode of complete gamer history will certainly be launched on July 18th.

Trailer: twist Background


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The previous France U-21 international was contractually bound in Angers up until 2023. The offer must set you back the FSV 5 million euros, as much as a maximum of one million euros in incentives can be included. Fulgini signs up with the group directly and also will certainly also take a trip to the training camp in Grassau am Chiemsee.

Niakhaté told remarkable points regarding Mainz

Fulgini himself confessed that some clubs had an interest in me, however Mainz 05 is the right club for me. I obtained that from the many great conversations I had with Bo Svensson, but additionally with Moussa Niakhaté, who is a really great friend of mine and also fantastic points concerning Mainz 05. I'm currently expecting the Bundesliga and also, most of all, to all the Mainz followers.

Fulgini signs up with the group straight as well as will certainly likewise travel to the training camp in Grassau am Chiemsee.

Fulgini himself admitted that some clubs were interested in me, however Mainz 05 is the right club for me.

Angelo Fulgini comes from Ligue 1, where he has actually made a total of 149 league games (20 goals, 15 aids) for Angers SCO since 2017. Fulgini will wear number 10 in the future.

Angelo really desired to involve us, which was extremely important to us, states head instructor Bo Svensson: With his footballing high quality, he will certainly enhance us in striking midfield. He's a ten, albeit not in the traditional feeling, that does a great deal for the group On top of that, Angelo is a truly good guy that fits in perfectly with Mainz 05 and also our design of play.


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