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Emre Can: The next millions of BVB?

For all three goals that fell within simply 7 minutes, the previous winner of the Fritz Walter medal in gold looked extremely bad, the kicker set the devastating quality 5.5. Nothing else specialist was ranked worse.

On the contrary: Repeatedly Can came right into the duels as well late, lost rounds in the structure video game and afterwards fouled uselessly. When he led the play tools, no wonder that the Bremeners had promptly recognized the 6 as a weak factor and also deliberately pushed.

After a substitution versus Werder Bremen, Emre Can ends up being the face of the total collapse of Borussia Dortmund. Not just essential followers ask themselves: Is the nationwide gamer that was once required to be stabilized as a stabilizer the following millions of BVB?

After 18 minutes, Emre Can was on the sidelines on Saturday: Coach Edin Terzic's 28-year-old received a probation possibility in defensive midfield, after the formerly striking Mahmoud Dahoud needed to be wounded due to injuries.

The reality that the initial steps on the lawn can be heard periodically on the lawn demonstrates how difficult the stand of the protective all-rounder is with lots of BVB supporters. Nonetheless, the Frankfurt native can not collect any type of arguments on this remarkable afternoon that can have boosted the fractured ratio.

hard objection of BVB expert can: A catastrophe

Emre Just how to bring Can rather than Özcan is an enigma to me, created an individual, one more called Özcan the victor of the game from a BVB point of view.

In her assessment, canister's critics really felt that the previous Liverpool and also Juventus player was not worth the 25 million euros paid in 2020, confirmed ultimately.

On Twitter there was a vulnerability regarding Coach Terzic's decision to have the right foot on the appropriate foot and had beginners Salih Özcan braised unemployed instead.

much more: This is exactly how the network responded to the BVB embankment versus Werder

Fitness instructor tale Friedhelm Funkel made a similar evaluation in the program Sky90: I missed out on the physicality in 2: 2. Program physicality..

Prominent ex-professionals concurred. The protection behavior of CAN is a calamity, roared TV specialist Stefan Effenberg in the Borussia Dortmund1-Doppelpass

BVB: can possibly do not assist the misfortune of injury and adjustment of setting

You have to keep can be held that the coaches have often been pushed back and also forth by the coaches considering that his arrival in Dortmund. Sometimes the 28-year-old was permitted to enter a defensive midfield, various other times he assisted in main defense and occasionally worked as an emergency situation nail on the outside. A rhythm is hard to create.

In addition, CAN's enormous rotten luck, which regularly stopped him, particularly in the previous period. And also yet some criticisms of the anti-faction do not seem entirely out of air.

While steam is drained on the net, Can likewise appreciate the depend on at the end of his superiors. Club boss Hans-Joachim Watzke, Borussia Dortmunds director Sebastien Kehl and also Co. may additionally have covertly hoped for more in the expensive obligation of the globally skilled DFB selection player.

emre can-das following countless BVB?

André Schürrle (M.) once flopped at BVB

Currently with André Schürrle (30 million euros) and also Nico Schulz (25.5 million euros), the Westphalia had actually been entirely wrong. And Julian Brandt (25 million euros) likewise made just intermittently on his achievements from Leverkusen days.

For canister, it is just to be really hoped that the Bremen game was his individual reduced point.

However, it must be hard for container in the next few weeks to get start-up procedures. There is currently no other way to obtain past Jude Bellingham and Mahmoud Dahoud, as well as Salih Özcan is currently hugging with the unguis in the history.

Can will certainly consequently have to provide himself through the training in order to discover his mostly lost self-confidence. In the past, attitude, force and also threat of goal have recognized him, but there was very little to see in the previous few months.

Considering that Canister's functioning paper is still valid at BVB up until 2024 and it is one of the better income earners in the squad with a rumored yearly wage of about 8.5 million euros, an exit to the Deadline Day is virtually difficult. Especially because Terzic and Co. have actually constantly enhanced their back on the reprimanded all-rounder to the exterior.

The accusation: As soon as again, Borussia Dortmund has actually spent several millions in a German international who, therefore, was incapable to encourage or hardly ever encourage.

Heiko Lütkehus


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