Is No Man’s Sky a cross -platform game?

No Man’s Sky was released in 2016 and received ambiguous reviews, but since then it has become a pearl of the gaming community. The abundance of free large content updates seems to be saved by No Man’s Sky and Hello Games from this unpleasant launch. But did the developer provide for the support of the cross-platform game in all added content?

Does No Man’s Sky support a cross-platform game?

Since June 10, 2020, Hello Games transferred No Man’s Sky to a completely new network architecture and included cross-platform game . This allowed players from any platform (Xbox, PC, PlayStation) to play with each other. With a multi-user game of space anomaly, in space or on planets, players can play with other players from any platform.

Cross-platform support seems to be a direction of the development of games. The fire of console wars is slowly fading away, and players are more worried about the opportunity to play with friends, no matter what platform they chose. The list of other VR games, such as No Man’s Sky, which support the cross-platform game, you can find on PGG.


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