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Lol: Riot announces the first changes of season 13 and promises a revolution in the jungle

The countdown to the next season of League of Legends has officially started. Although there are still a few months to finish the current campaign and enter the traditional period of Presaleson, from Riot Games they wanted to reveal the first details about the flood of changes that will arrive at the video game in the next month of November. First, developers have wanted to focus on Jungla . One of the most problematic positions in the history of the video game will suffer a complete reown that will affect both the camps cleaning mechanics and the items used in this position.

The big changes to the jungle announced by Riot Games

The first major objective of League of Legends developers is to make the jungle more accessible for both players and champions. Riot Games employees have again pointed out the limitations of this position and their insistence on eliminating them. From the point of view of the characters, they want to make the ability to clean camps more equitable. The premise is simple: Remove part of the complexity to clean monsters and make it manifest in other aspects of the game. These aspects of the game referred to have not yet concretized and since Riot Games are still experiencing, although they mention ambushes or great objectives.

As we mentioned, there will also be improvements for players who want to start in the jungle . In this case, the developer wants to make its entry into the new more simple and less dependent position of spending hours seeing tutorials. In this way, the possibility of introducing a recommended camps route is raised and modifying the operation of the camps so that it is easier to know what their range of action is or that they do not restart by accident. Again, developers insist that they do not want to make the game easier, if not complex only in the right places.


A new mechanics in the next League of Legends season

In addition to these improvements to Jungle, from Riot Games they have also wanted to insist on a great change of mechanics for this position that would focus on objects. Although from the developer they are satisfied in general terms, they feel that the existing items in League of Legends to fulfill the role of jungle are not very exciting. They fulfill their function and do it well, but there has been a great involution in this regard. According to this approach, they want to recover something similar to the spirit of the elderly lizard or the restless lantern . Of course, without the same equilibrium problems they had.

In fact, one of the only samples that Riot Games has given of the new jungle is The introduction of a pet that will permanently accompany the champions in this position. As Jungla, your function will be to help this little pet to grow until it is so great that she can help you, explain the developers. Unfortunately, they have not wanted to go into more details to tell what their effect would be and only talk about this idea as a development prototype that probably reaches the game, but with a very different design.

In general terms, it is clear that improving the jungle will be one of the great objectives for the 13th season of League of Legends. The developer has also made public its intention to carry out a similar process with the upper lane . However, the changes to the Top Lane will begin to arrive once the preseason has already settled and not in advance.


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