Völler counts on DFB team the Globe Cup

According to ex-team employer Audi Roller, the German national football group is one of the World Cup faves.

All We can not let the games in the Nations League blind each other: these are good pleasant video games, no much longer. Germany with its top quality is absolutely among the best 4 groups in the tournament, said Roller of the ing activity Build. In Roller's eyes, France and Brazil additionally belong to the circle of faves and also after that a team from the area of Argentina, Holland and Belgium will be added. Germany meets on the planet Cup group at the competition in Qatar on Japan, Spain as well as Costa Rica in a month. At the 2018 World Cup, the DFB-Elf stopped working for the very first time in background in the initial round. Roller led the nationwide group to the final at the 2002 Globe Cup as well as was beat there.


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