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Does Harvestella romance have? Answered

When we jump to a new game, we cannot avoid asking ourselves with which of the characters we find we can have a romance, or if we can have a romance in the game. Harvested is a new JRPG with agricultural simulator qualities, which leads many players to assume that they should be able to find a partner in the game for its protagonist. If you have this impression or if you simply ask whether you can pass Harvested next to a loved character, don't look for anymore! We have written a quick guide to explain everything. So, Harvested has romance? ? Read on to find out!

Romance in Harvested explained

In fact, Harvested has romance, as confirmed by the game director, Hirohito Fury, on the official Twitter page. If you spend enough time building your relationship with the character with whom you want to be romantic, you can form a beautiful society. Fortunately, this mechanic is not blocked by gender at all. However, there are requirements that must meet before being able to jump into the love story of its protagonist.

unlocking romance

The first previous requirement to access the romance functions of the game is to complete the main story. Once you have done it, each character that is available for romance will have their own stories and searches for which you will have to go to build your relationship with them.

Once you have reached the maximum limit in your relationship with another character, you can form an association with them! Society in Harvested is essentially marriage. This character will move with your protagonist and live next to him.

Available love interests

Harvested has eight characters with parallel stories that players can experience. These eight are also the characters available for the association. We have listed each next one with a quick description that is relatively free of spoilers!


Image source: Square Enix through

Aria is a scientist and will accompany the player from the beginning of the story. After being unconscious after the Monolith accident near Lethe Village, he stays with the protagonist to recover.


Image source: Square Enix through

ASBL is located in CEMEA Village. He is an orphan who grew to become a member of the Argus brigade and presents himself as someone affectionate and devout.


Image source: Square Enix through

Brake can be found in Argent. It is a mercenary that is available to hire some grid in exchange for your help through a prohibited area. Brake will end up growing in the players as they help them and other group members.


Image source: Square Enix through

Harvestella Crew is the doctor at Lethe Village and is the first character that players find while taking care of the protagonist to recover health after his amnesia. She is always aware of caring for the player and her little brother.


Image source: Square Enix through

Emo can be found in Shall Tavern where you are playing a song. However, it is actually found it for the first time in the Jade Forest while the players travel.


Image source: Square Enix through

Heine, a flirtatious man who is originally found in Lethe Village, is responsible for the invention of the Pianola submarine during history so that the group can cross an underwater dungeon.


Image source: Square Enix through

Listing is a teacher who works in the orphanage of CEMEA Village. She was the murderer of the shadows in the past, but she is very tormented because of this. She spends her time trying to compensate for her past.


Image source: Square Enix through

Shrike can be seen for the first time by the players who are outside the monolith trying to enter. He is a priestess who works for the order of sea light.

So, Harvested has romance? ? Hopefully this guide explains how it works and how you can access it! If you ask more about Harvested, see some of our other guides, such as fishing or how to unlock all jobs. You can also search below more similar content!

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