Harvestella romantic guide

Growing agricultural crops and livestock breeding will not be your only classes in Harvested.

There are also many social elements in the game, which means that you can try your luck by entering into a relationship or trying to start an affair with numerous characters.

However, the romantic relationship of the characters is not so simple. You will have to go through a few hoops and go through the main storyline before getting closer to anyone.

The next leadership will tell you how to start an affair with all the characters in Harvested.

How to get an affair with characters in Harvested

Harvested has six characters, each of which has its own unique background. You will increase the level of your relationship with them, performing their various storylines, quests and requests during your progress.

If you manage to maximize your relationship with a specific character, you will unlock the possibility of partnership in the game. The creation of a partnership mainly means that you are both ready to live together in close long-term relationships.

All romantic characters in Harvested


Aria is a scientist from the future, who returned to the past after an accident that deprived her of memories. Now she lives in the village of summer and spends time exploring the Quantum, the death season, when the crop dies, and people are forced to stay at home.

You will first meet the aria after Males asks to look after it. In the end, Aria will begin to live in your house, looking for a way to return in due time.


Asia is a member of the Argus brigade and the defender of the city of CEMEA, which is located near the spring sea light. His helping and honest character will force him to accompany the aria until she can restore her lost memories and decide what place she occupies in this timescale.



Truth, one of the most popular romantic characters in the game, works as a teacher in a local shelter in the city of CEMEA. The truth has a mysterious past that it will begin to reveal as soon as you start your adventures together.

H Heine

Heine is known as a full flirty person, as well as a brilliant inventor and mechanic. He lives in Catullus in Summer Breeze and will build a pianola submarine for you in the game.


Emo is another popular character for romance in Harvested. This is a young woman who works as a singer in a local tavern in Ayatollah. She also has a mysterious past, and several people claim that emo may not even be a person.


Marriage is a mercenary that always wears a dark cloak with a hood. You will meet him in the sacred capital of Arjun as a rather useful character on your side.


Shrike is a woman working as a volunteer in the Order of the Sea Light. She does not have strong faith, and now she is looking for a new faith, despite the fact that she works in the Order of Sea Light.


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