BVB Does Borussia Dortmund Nico Schulz head out in Italy?

Nico Schulz has finally been dipping into Borussia Dortmund since this season.

Now the BVB has apparently discovered a buyer for the sorted-out left-back. According to the Italian paper IL Message, Lazio Rome in Dortmund asked about Schulz There are presently conversations between the two clubs about a possible loan in winter season. In the course of the settlements, the eagles apparently wish to utilize the precarious scenario of the left foot in Dortmund. The capital club hypothesizes that BVB pays part of Schulz 'salary during the loan. The ex-international apparently gets around five million euros annually. In Dortmund, Schulz no longer used the square this season. In nobody game he just made it into the team.

BVB absolutely wants to eliminate Schulz.

When injuries browsed BVB, coach Edwin Eric chose to be creative than reactivating the shot defender. Even Th organ Threat had to assist out as a full-back. Schulz hadn't convinced stylish in the past season. In August, criminal procedures triggered his crash to accelerate. An ex-girlfriend had reported the 29-year-old for domestic violence.


An investigation has actually been running ever since. Already in the summer the district club tried to get rid of Schulz. At that time, however, there was no consumer for the defensive player, for whom the Westphalia in 2019 still put around 25 million euros on the table. Eric had recently highlighted that Schulz had actually been unquestionably notified about his scenario. According to Ruhr Nachrichten, he was informed that there was no hope of a return to the first string. The BVB leadership is even ready to have it got rid of instantly by 2024 despite the contract, it is stated.


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