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LOL: How close to Faker are Th3antonio, Skain or Attila? Helds has the answer

People Can Fly is a Polish computer game developer based in Warsaw. The studio was founded in February 2002 by Adrian Chmielarz, previously the founder of Metropolitan area Software application, along with acquaintances Michał Kosieradzki as well as Andrew Polanski. The studio's first game was Medicine (2004). Its success caused a take care of THE for the game Come Midnight, which enabled the workshop to expand. After the video game was terminated, People Can Fly found itself in monetary difficulty. Epic Gaming got a bulk share in People Can Fly in August 2007 and teamed up with the workshop on jobs such as Bullet storm (2011) and Gears of War: Judgment (2013). Impressive got the workshop outright in August 2012. Chmielarz, Kosieradzki as well as Polanski ultimately left the studio and later started The Astronauts. People Can Fly was rebranded Impressive Gaming Poland in November 2013. The workshop rotated off under its former name and logo design in June 2015 under the lead of CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski. As of April 2021, the business employs 350 people in eight areas. Its latest game is Outriders, which was released on 1st April 2021.

The competitive League of Legends is getting bigger due to the annual increase in competitions and players. There are very few people who carry from the beginning, but only one has been the best for almost 10 years: Faker. Everyone wants to have a quarter of the level of the Midland Korean or play at once with him, but what many players do not know is that passively are related to the star, absolutely all. As a result of an article on Reddit, we were able to know that all professional players are connected in some way, although in this article we will focus on Faker for obvious reasons.

8 Things Faker Does That You Probably Don't - League of Legends Season 10 It has been the user Torres The person in charge of creating a web that performs these connections thanks to the Method of Arms, a theory created by the mathematician of the same name on which it lists by numbers People related to him. If you have had a direct contact are number 1, if you are known from a well-known is number 2 and so on. A similar rule is that of the six degrees, which says that all the people of the world are related to each other with a maximum of 6 connections. Well, this user has collected all the data and relationships of all players who have spent, at least a year, playing professionally in almost all certified leagues by Riot and has -new related them Dijkstra algorithm to find the route closest to them.

The relationship between Faker and Skin, Antonio and other superior players

We start with the examples, and as expected, we add to David Skin Carbon to see how much distance is from Faker. Among the legendary Midland Korean and the Support King there is a total of 4 with the following Order : Faker played with IMPACT, Impact played with Inner, Inner played with Lick and Sickly played with Skin. This process is viable with all the players available on the list and surprises rather than having a connection with Faker or with any professional player.

Other examples that have been curious to see has been Th3Antonio with 3 Connections, Attila Also with 3 or even the Josephs Peng, the Streamer Carritaskami or even the legendary Midland English Peppier They have a connection of 4. Through this link you can access the web in which you can try any connection between two people and the relationship they will have.


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