Bernhard Niewöhler separates as managing director - successors are ready

With great gratitude, the Eagle Club will say goodbye to Bernhard Niewöhner at the end of the season, which terminates as Managing Director of the SC Prussia Münster 06 GmbH & Co. KGaA at his own request as Managing Director of SC Prussia. The decision of the 71-year-old was already known to the club committees for a long time, so that the successor could be regulated early on the background. With a then three-member management, which is to be presented tomorrow's Tuesday, the traditional association will set up from Hammer Straße from 1 July 2022 in the long term and future-proof.

Leading change with more succes based on data | Bernhard Schmalzl | TEDxAltaussee

"It was a beautiful, exciting, but sometimes very serious and rubbing time in the management of the SC Prussia Münster. The new management has my full support. I find it class and am also a bit proud of how things have developed through intensive talks and with a clear direction. I look forward to and with the SC Prussia on the further progress, "says the Niewöhnerßerßenßenßen Niewöhner.


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