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Ubisoft has just finished its presentation at the E3 for 2021 and although there were not a ton of surprises, many games already on everyone's radar have become a little less mysterious and in most a little more exciting case. The one hour event included a few outing dates, new trailers and games of games already in vogue, with a recall that Aubisoft simply does not make games, but also makes television and films. There were the usual host segments on stilts filled with bad jokes, clips of clumsy developers, a rather shy animated film presenting a new character of the First Nations Rainbow Six Siege named Thunderbird, and a new surprising game that will bring us back to the country From this time (and all the others) I forgot, Pandora.

Disappointing, a lot of games already in preparation or announced at Ubisoft Forward 2020 were not found (Scott Pilgrim, Beyond Good and Evil, Prince of Persia) but cynicism apart, this year's show has shown a lot of pretty exciting things to Come, as well as updates on games like Rainbow Six: Siege (now with cross-play on PC and Stadia!), For Honor, Trackmania, The Crew 2 (People still play there?) And Watchdogs: Legions. One of the legitimate protruding facts of the presentation was a new terrifying trailer for Far Cry 6, highlighting the actor chops of Giancarlo Esposito as a ruthless dictator Antón Castillo.

The first big revelation of Ubisoft Forward was an overview of Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly R6 Quarantine), the next part of the long series of team shooters in cooperation that looks like an aliens genetic mashup, Every Zombie Game Ever Made, and traditional tactical mechanical of Rainbow Six. This time, things become interesting because you have to save a lost agent captured by an extraterrestrial breed called the Archéens. Your toolbox includes many new high -tech toys focused on detection and defeat of vaguely ZERG extraterrestrial technology and biology.

While I threw my old Guitar Hero equipment in a dumpster the other day, I thought: I wonder what happened to Rocksmith, and Ubisoft answered my question with its revelation of Rocksmith+, the new version of its Slash Game application. Rocksmith+ allows acoustic or electric bassists to connect their ax to a computer, smartphone or mobile device and play popular songs while their technique is criticized and are humiliated by the application. Seriously, the original rocksmith was a legitimate and useful learning tool and I am delighted to try the new version. Many Rocksmith+ features are available on other devices (such as the Spark amplifier) or applications, but it's great to see efforts made for music education. If only we had Rocksmith+ during pandemic confinement, we would have thousands of grinders.

Riders Republic was not a new revelation, but it seems that it was the game that drew the attention of the Cogconneted team. Riders Republic is a multiplayer action sports game that allows players to run and surpass themselves on snowboards, deltaplanes, mountain biking, skis and jet wingsies. Environments, competitive solo and team modes and crazy waterfalls look like a lot of high energy pleasure. Riders Republic was released in September.

Ubisoft made much of the fact that he undertook to support Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla forof the whole years_, and prove it by publishing a second chapter DLC called the Paris headquarters this summer. In addition to the news (and undoubtedly immense) extension, Valhalla will continue to be supported by a net of free updates, new modes and seasonal events. The recent DLC Wrath of the Druids was excellent.

Just in case you were not convinced by the Rocksmith+ well-being trailer that music makes us very better, an inspiring introduction to Just Dance 2022 by rapper/choreographer Todrick Hall underlined. Short to gameplay or many new information, we have learned that Just Dance 2022 will offer a new exclusive choreography created by Hall for his tube Nails, Hips, Hair, Heels.

Ubisoft presque ended in style by showing a trailer for Mario + Rabbits Cretin: Sparks of Hope, a recently disclosed sequel to Mario + Kingdom Battle Rabbits of 2017. Exclusively for Nintendo Switch, the new game brings together several of the same Favorite characters of the first game (Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi) and takes the players through the Galaxy in search of Sparks.

Best of ZIDDY part1 ???? Finally, in response to the question that nobody asked, Ubisoft finished his program Forward with a look at Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, which in all honesty seems impressive and reminds us in a shocking way that the Avatar verse never really Received his due in a high -quality game. Frontiers is an open world action game that looks a bit like Horizon Zero Dawn but instead of post-apocalyptic animal machines, the decor is the exotic and colorful Pandora planet and the conflict between Corporate Greed and the ancient Pandorians. Avatar Frontiers of Pandora will be released in 2022.

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